2012 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

October 14-17, 2012, COEX, Seoul, Korea

Program at a Glance Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Last updated on September 3, 2012. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Wednesday Program
09:00 ~ 11:00 Decision and Control Systems I WeAR01
Session Chairs: Chang Su Lee, Masaki Samejima
#1015,  The Sliding Mode Controller with an Additional Proportional Controller for Fast Tracking Control of Second Order SystemsWeAR01.1
Boo Won Kang(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Seung Gyu Kang(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
#1082,  Robust Control with Optimization of Robustness IndexWeAR01.2
Wojciech Giernacki(Poznan University of Technology)
#1086,  Energy-Saving Algorithm for Pumping Systems Based on Fuzzy Decision MakingWeAR01.3
Wei Chang(National Central University)
Jun-Wei Chang(National Central University)
Hsu Yin(National Central University)
Wen-June Wang(National Central University)
Hsin-Yi Chung(Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Ya-Ching Chang(Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Hsiang-Chieh Chen(Industrial Technology Research Institute)
#1102,  Asynchronous Correction for Cascade Composition of Finite State MachinesWeAR01.4
Jung-Min Yang(Catholic University of Daegu)
Seong Woo Kwak(Keimyung University)
#1103,  Applying Input/Output Control of Asynchronous Sequential Machines to Dual Ring CountersWeAR01.5
Jung-Min Yang(Catholic University of Daegu)
Seong Woo Kwak(Keimyung University)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Conflict Resolution I WeAR02
Session Chairs: Kei Fukuyama, Keith Hipel
#1020,  A Complete Binary Relation to Compare Coalition Influence for Social Welfare FunctionWeAR02.1
Kentaro Kojima(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Takehiro Inohara(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
#1043,  Ordinal Preferences Construction for Multiple-Objective Multiple-Participant ConflictsWeAR02.2
Michele Bristow(University of Waterloo)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
Liping Fang(Ryerson University)
#1073,  Water Allocation under Climate Change in the Qezelozan-Sefidrood WatershedWeAR02.3
Mahboubeh Zarezadeh(Tarbiat Modares University)
Saeid Morid(Tarbiat Modares University)
Kaveh Madani(University of Central Florid)
Abdolrahim Salavitabar(Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineers Co.)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
#1090,  The Identification of Risk Factors in Brownfield Redevelopment: An Empirical StudyWeAR02.4
Yuming Zhu(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Lili Shi(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
#1099,  Danjiangkou Water Diversion Conflict in ChinaWeAR02.5
Shawei He(University of Waterloo)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
Marc Kilgour(Wilfrid Laurier University)
#1177,  Analysis of Public Discussion in Participatory Planning ProcessWeAR02.6
Madoka Chosokabe(Yamaguchi University)
Hiroyuki Sakakibara(Yamaguchi University)
Takeshi Miyaji(Vital LEAD Corporation)
Tomoaki Nishimura(Vital LEAD Corporation)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Intelligent Learning in Control Systems I WeAR03
Session Chairs: Han-Xiong Li, Kao-Shing Hwang
#1038,  On the Conjugate Gradients (CG) Training Algorithm of Fuzzy Neural Networks (FNNs) via Its Equivalent Fully Connected Neural Networks (FFNNs)WeAR03.1
Jing Wang(University of Macau)
C. L. Philip Chen(University of Macau)
Chi-Hsu Wang(National Chiaotung University)
#1053,  Adaptive State Aggregation for Reinforcement LearningWeAR03.2
Kao-Shing Hwang(National Sun Yat-Sen University)
Yu-Jen Chen(National Chung Cheng University)
Wei-Cheng Jiang(National Chung Cheng University)
#1059,  Intelligent Adaptive Steering Control for Electric UnicyclesWeAR03.3
Yi-Yu Li(National Chung Hsing University)
Ching-Chih Tsai(National Chung Hsing University)
Chih-Min Lin(Yuan Ze University)
#1138,  The SOS-based Extended Design of Polynomial Fuzzy ControlWeAR03.4
Gwo-Ruey Yu(National Chung Cheng University)
Lun-Wei Huang(National Taiwan Ocean University)
#1209,  A Method to Detect and Remove Emergent Behavior Caused by OvergeneralizationWeAR03.5
Mohammad Moshirpour(University of Calgary)
Seyedehmehrnaz Mireslami(University of Calgary)
Behrouz Far(University of Caglary)
#1243,  A Negotiation Method for Multiple Participants Using Case Based ReasoningWeAR03.6
Hung-Lu Chu(Quanta Computer Inc.)
Alan Liu(National Chung Cheng University)
09:00 ~ 11:00 SSC13:Information Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia- Mobile Communications WeAR04
Session Chairs: Jinshan Tang, Sos Agaign
#3015,  Gender Recognition with Limited Feature Points from 3-D Human Body ShapesWeAR04.1
Jinshan Tang(Michigan Technological University)
Xiaoming Liu(Michigan Technological University)
Huaining Cheng(Air Force Research Laboratory)
Kathleen Robinette(Air Force Research Laboratory)
#3016,  A 3-D Bilateral Filter for Speckle Reduction in 3-D Ultrasound Images for Cattle Follicle SegmentationWeAR04.2
Jinshan Tang(Michigan Technological University)
Shengwen Guo(Alcorn State University)
#3162,  New Region Feature Descriptor-based Image Registration MethodWeAR04.3
Francis Bowen(Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
Eliza Du(Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
Jianghai Hu(Purdue University)
#3174,  A Framework for GPS/INS based Portable Positioning SystemWeAR04.4
Xin Xu(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
Yinglin Wang(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Heming Xu(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Xin Tong(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
Xiaoming Liu(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
J. Tang(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
#3195,  Image Encryption Algorithm Based on A New Combined Chaotic SystemWeAR04.5
C. L. Philip Chen(University of Macau)
Tong Zhang(University of Macau)
Yicong Zhou(University of Macau)
09:00 ~ 11:00 SSC01:Intelligent Internet Systems WeAR05
Session Chair: Shyi-Ming Chen
#3100,  A Novel Moving Vehicles Extraction Algorithm over Wireless InternetWeAR05.1
Bo-Hao Chen(National Taipei University of Technology)
Shih-Chia Huang(National Taipei University of Technology)
#3110,  A Grey System-based Approach for the Sharpening of ImagesWeAR05.2
Lih-Jen Kau(National Taipei University of Technology)
Tien-Lin Lee(National Taipei University of Technology)
#3111,  Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offsets for Uplink OFDMA System Using A Hybrid Taguchi-Mutated-Particle Swarm Optimization ApproachWeAR05.3
Tan-Hsu Tan(National Taipei University of Technology)
Yong-Chun Li(National Taipei University of Technology)
Cheng-Chun Chang(National Taipei University of Technology)
Yung-Fa Huang(Chaoyang University of Technology)
#3210,  Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing; Carrier Frequency Offset; Bisection MethodWeAR05.4
Chia-Hsin Cheng(National Formosa University)
#3283,  A Cloud Network-based Power Management Technology for Smart Home SystemsWeAR05.5
Lih-Jen Kau(National Taipei University of Technology)
Bi-Ling Dai(National Taipei University of Technology)
Chih-Shen Chen(National Taipei University of Technology)
Sung-Hung Chen(National Taipei University of Technology)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Intelligent Vehicular Systems & Control WeAR06
Session Chair: Huanyu Wang
#3059,  Real-Time Decision Making for Urban Vehicle NavigationWeAR06.1
C. L. Philip Chen(University of Macau)
Jin Zhou(University of Macau)
Wei Zhao(University of Macau)
#3087,  Vehicular Adaptive Optimal Cruise Control with Multiple ObjectivesWeAR06.2
Bo-Rong Liang(National Taiwan University)
Wei-Song Lin(National Taiwan University)
#3144,  Detection and Removal of Adherent Noises in Video from A Moving CameraWeAR06.3
Huanyu Wang(Fujitsu Research and Development Center)
Zhiming Tan(Fujitsu Research and Development Center)
Akihiro Higashi(Fujitsu Research and Development Center)
#3164,  Model Predictive Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles based on a Simpli?ed Dual Neural NetworkWeAR06.4
Zheng Yan(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Siu Fong Chung(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Jun Wang(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
#3269,  Fluent Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles at IntersectionsWeAR06.5
Laleh Makarem(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Denis Gillet(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
#3271,  Information Sharing Among Autonomous Vehicles Crossing an IntersectionWeAR06.6
Laleh Makarem(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Denis Gillet(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
09:00 ~ 11:00 SSC04:Neural Computation and Applications WeAR07
Session Chairs: Hyung-Min Park, Giljin Jang
#3172,  Evaluating Movement skills by Extended Neural ComplexityWeAR07.1
Woo Young Kwon(Hanyang University)
Il Hong Suh(Hanyang University)
Bum-Jae You(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Sang-Rok Oh(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
#3215,  Particle Filtering by Sigmoidal Weight Update for Speech Pitch CorrectionWeAR07.2
Han-Gyu Kim(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Jeong-Sik Park(Mokwon University)
Gil-Jin Jang(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
Yung-Hwan Oh(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
#3279,  Probabilistic Human Intention Modeling for Cognitive AugmentationWeAR07.3
Byunghun Hwang(Kyungpook National University)
Young-Min Jang(Kyungpook National University)
Rammohan Mallipeddi(Kyungpook National University)
Minho Lee(Kyungpook National University)
#3289,  Efficient Face Recognition Based on MCT and I(2D)2PCAWeAR07.4
Biho Kim(Sogang University)
Hyung-Min Park(Sogang University)
#3309,  Distributed Consensus Control Using Neural Network for a Class of Nonlinear Multi-agent SystemsWeAR07.5
Guo-Xing Wen(University of Macau)
C. L. Philip Chen(University of Macau)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Medical and Health Care Technology III WeAR08
Session Chairs: Yutaka Hata, Kouki Nagamune
#2031,  Detection of Doctors' Behavior using Temporal Data Mining MethodsWeAR08.1
Shusaku Tsumoto(Shimane University)
Shoji Hirano(Shimane University)
Yuko Tsumoto(Shimane University)
#2128,  Average Difference Imaging and Its Application to Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Wind Turbine BladeWeAR08.2
Koki Tsukuda(University of Hyogo)
Tadahito Egawa(Kinden Corporation)
Kazuhiko Taniguchi(Kinden Corporation)
Yutaka Hata(University of Hyogo, Osaka University)
#2130,  Challenge of Normality Evaluation by using Micro-Size Tension Measurement Device in Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionWeAR08.3
Shogo Kawaguchi(University of Fukui)
Kouki Nagamune(University of Fukui)
Yuichiro Nishizawa(Kobe University)
Yuichi Hoshino(Kobe University)
Tomoyuki Matsumoto(Kobe University)
Seiji Kubo(Kobe University)
Takehiko Matsushita(Kobe University)
Ryosuke Kuroda(Kobe University)
Masahiro Kurosaka(Kobe University)
#2162,  New Feature Definition for Improvement of Nursing-care Text ClassificationWeAR08.4
Manabu Nii(University of Hyogo)
Yoshinori Hirohata(University of Hyogo)
Atsuko Uchinuno(University of Hyogo)
Reiko Sakashita(University of Hyogo)
#2246,  Systems Health Care - The Aspect of Home and Medical CareWeAR08.5
Hiroshi Nakajima(Omron Corporation)
Toshikazu Shiga(Omron Healthcare)
Yutaka Hata(University of Hyoto)
#2261,  Classification of Cross-section Area of Spinal Canal on Kernel-based Support Vector MachineWeAR08.6
Chao-Cheng Wu(National Taipei University of Technology)
Hsiao-Chi Li(National Taipei University of Technology)
Yung-Hsiao Chiang(Taipei Medical University Hospital)
Jiannher Lin(Taipei Medical University Hospital)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Knowledge Representation WeAR09
Session Chairs: Zhizhong Li, Neil Yen
#2108,  A Method for Automatically Creating an Interactive Semantic Video based on AR SystemWeAR09.1
Kee-Sung Lee(Inha University)
Ahmad Nurzid Rosli(Inha University)
Geun-Sik Jo(Inha University)
#2134,  A Top-k Keywords Searching Approach based on the Relationship of KeywordsWeAR09.2
Chunxiao Liu(Liaoning University of Technolgoy)
Xiangfu Meng(Liaoning Technical University)
Ke Wei(Liaoning Technical University)
#2156,  Understanding and Structuring NL Descriptions: The Case of 101 AnimalsWeAR09.3
Julia M. Taylor(Purdue University)
Victor Raskin(Purdue University)
#2168,  Generating Landmark Overviews with Geo-tagged Web PhotosWeAR09.4
Wei He(Beihang University)
RunSheng Li(Beihang University)
Zhenyu Wu(Beihang University)
Jun Hu(Beihang University)
Yu Liu(Beihang University)
#2214,  Proposal of a Topic Map Database Indexing MethodWeAR09.5
Ryosuke Ota(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Masaomi Kimura(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
#2240,  Revisiting Concepts of Topicality and Novelty - A New Simple Graph Model that Rewards and Penalizes Based On Semantic LinksWeAR09.6
Fei Yu(Dartmouth College)
Eugene Santos Jr.(Dartmouth College)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Recent Advances in Affective Computing WeAR10
Session Chairs: Sam Kwong, Bogdan Matuszewski
#2015,  Classification of Affects Using Head Movement, Skin Color Features and Physiological SignalsWeAR10.1
Hamed Monkaresi(University of Sydney)
Sazzad Hussain(University of Sydney)
Rafael Calvo(University of Sydney)
#2145,  LDCRFs-Based Hand Gesture RecognitionWeAR10.2
Mahmoud Elmezain(Tanta University)
Ayoub Al-Hamadi(IESK)
#2196,  Facial Asymmetry Analysis Based on 3-D Dynamic ScansWeAR10.3
Wei Quan(University of Central Lancashire)
Bogdan J. Matuszewski(University of Central Lancashire)
Lik-Kwan Shark(University of Central Lancashire)
#2250,  Recognizing Gestural ActionsWeAR10.4
Omer Rashid Ahmad(IESK)
Ayoub Al-Hamadi(IESK)
#2257,  Facial Feature Point Detection using Simplified Gabor Wavelets and Confidence-based GroupingWeAR10.5
Axel Panning(University of Magdeburg)
Ayoub Al-Hamadi(IESK)
Bernd Michaelis(University of Magdeburg)
#2265,  Analysis of Learning Process of Acquiring Embodied Knowledge and Memory Mechanism Using Near-infrared SpectroscopyWeAR10.6
Keiichi Watanuki(Saitama University)
Yusuke Asaka(Saitama University)
09:00 ~ 11:00 Machine Learning WeAR11
Session Chairs: Dacheng Tao, Dahai Liu
#2073,  Music Genre Classification using Dynamic Selection of Ensemble of ClassifiersWeAR11.1
Paulo Ricardo Lisboa de Almeida(State University of Ponta Grossa)
Eunelson Jose da Silva Junior(State University of Ponta Grossa)
Alceu de Souza Britto Jr.(Pontifical Catholic University of Parana)
Luis Eduardo Soares de Oliveira(Federal University of Parana)
Tatiana Montes Celinski(State University of Ponta Grossa)
Alessandro Lameiras Koerich(Pontifical Catholic University of Parana)
#2101,  Fuzzy Classifier with Support Vector Learning for Image Retrieval Using A Specified ObjectWeAR11.2
Guo-Cyuan Chen(National Chung Hsing University)
Chia-Feng Juang(National Chung Hsing University)
#2118,  FNGLVQ FPGA Design for Sleep Stages Classification based on Electrocardiogram SignalWeAR11.3
Eka Muhammad(Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia)
Fajar Muhammad(Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia)
Iqbal Muhammad(Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia)
Wisnu Jatmiko(Universitas Indonesia)
Agus I Made(University of Udayana)
#2136,  Supervised Manifold Learning based on Biased Distance for View Invariant Body Pose EstimationWeAR11.4
Dongcheol Hur(Korea University)
Christian Wallraven(Korea University)
Seong-Whan Lee(Korea University)
#2150,  Predictive Moving Target DefenseWeAR11.5
Richard Colbaugh(Sandia National Laboratories)
Kristin Glass(New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
#2192,  Texture Retrieval using Co-occurrence Matrix and Symbolic Interval Data under Scale and Rotation InvarianceWeAR11.6
Carlos de Almeida(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Renata de Souza(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Ana Candeias(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Decision and Control Systems II WeBR01
Session Chairs: Uzay Kaymak, Wei Kang
#1027,  Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning for Helicopter UAVs using Computational Dynamic OptimizationWeBR01.1
Nathan Xu(Naval Postgraduate School)
Guowei Cai(National University of Singapore)
Wei Kang(Naval Postgraduate School)
Ben M. Chen(National University of Singapore)
#1160,  A Game Theoretical Representation for the Rendezvous ProblemWeBR01.2
James Lindsay(Royal Military College of Canada)
Sidney Givigi(Royal Military College of Canada)
#1176,  Passive Dynamic Walking with Knee and Fixed Flat FeetWeBR01.3
Joohyung Kim(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Chong-Ho Choi(Seoul National University)
Mark Spong(University of Texas at Dallas)
#1184,  Approximation Method for Chance-Constrained Programming of Social Consensus Formation Concerning IT Risk CountermeasureWeBR01.4
Masaki Samejima(Osaka University)
Ryoichi Sasaki(Tokyo Denki University)
#1230,  Balancing Control of a Biped RobotWeBR01.5
Joohyung Kim(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
HoSeong Kwak(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Heekuk Lee(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Keehong Seo(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Bokman Lim(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Minhyung Lee(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Jusuk Lee(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Kyungsik Roh(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Conflict Resolution II WeBR02
Session Chairs: Keith Hipel, Yuming Zhu
#1141,  The Lower Churchill Falls Development NegotiationsWeBR02.1
Yasser T. Matbouli(University of Waterloo)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
D. Marc Kilgour(Wilfrid Laurier University)
#1201,  Agent Modeling for Evacuation and Amature Rescue under Survivability-Critical States in Underground FloodingWeBR02.2
Eishiro Higo(Renison College University)
Norio Okada(Kumamoto University)
#1217,  Evaluation of Source Water Protection Strategies in Waterloo Region based on Grey Systems Theory and PROMETHEE IIWeBR02.3
Hanbin Kuang(University of Waterloo)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
D. Marc Kilgour(Wilfrid Laurier University)
#1219,  Conflict Resolution and MediationWeBR02.4
Rami Kinsara(King Abdulaziz University)
D. Marc Kilgour(Wilfrid Laurier University)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
#1231,  Locating Vendors in Stackelberg Competition in A Linear Monocentric CityWeBR02.5
Kei Fukuyama(Tottori University)
Jun Kimura(Tottori University)
Yuki Ikeda(Tottori University)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Intelligent Learning in Control Systems II WeBR03
Session Chairs: Ching-Chih Tsai, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li
#1158,  An Intelligent Learning Model for Stochastic DataWeBR03.1
Bi Fan(City University of Hong Kong)
Geng Zhang(Central South University of Changsha)
Han-Xiong Li(City University of Hong Kong&South University Changsha)
#1161,  An Experimental Validation of Reinforcement Learning Applied to the Position Control of UAVsWeBR03.2
Sergio Barros(Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)
Sidney Givigi(Royal Military College of Canada)
Cairo Nascimento(Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)
#1179,  Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for Multi-Agent Systems Consensus TrackingWeBR03.3
Shiping Yang(National University of Singapore)
Jian-Xin Xu(National University of Singapore)
#1182,  Integration of DNA and Real Coded GA for the Design of PID-Like Fuzzy ControllersWeBR03.4
Chun-Te Wu(National Cheng Kung University)
Jin-Ping Tien(National Cheng Kung University)
Tzuu-Hseng S. Li(National Cheng Kung University)
#1224,  Parameter Tuning of Large Scale Support Vector Machines using Ensemble Learning with Applications to Imbalanced Data SetsWeBR03.5
Hirotaka Nakayama(Konan University)
Yeboon Yun(Kansai University)
Yuki Uno(Konan University)
13:00 ~ 15:00 SSC06:Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Data Mining WeBR04
Session Chair: Chun-Wei Tsai
#3030,  TWMAN+: A Type-2 Fuzzy Ontology Model to Malware Behavior AnalysisWeBR04.1
Hsien-De Huang(National Cheng-Kung University)
Chang-Shing Lee(National University of Tainan)
Hani Hagras(University of Essex)
Hung-Yu Kao(National Cheng-Kung University)
#3049,  Missing Categorical Data Imputation Approach Based on SimilarityWeBR04.2
Sen Wu(University of Science and Technology Beijing)
Xiaodong Feng(University of Science and Technology Beijing)
Yushan Han(University of Science and Technology Beijing)
Qiang Wang(University of Science and Technology Beijing)
#3091,  A Novel Multiobjective EA-based Clustering Algorithm with Automatic Determination of the Number of ClustersWeBR04.3
Chun-Wei Tsai(CHNA)
Wen-Ling Chen(NSYSU)
Ming-Chao Chiang(NSYSU)
#3154,  A Hyper-heuristic Clustering AlgorithmWeBR04.4
Chun-Wei Tsai(CHNA)
Huei-Jyun Song(NSYSU)
Ming-Chao Chiang(NSYSU)
#3173,  Field Weighting for Automatic Bug Triaging SystemsWeBR04.5
Vibhor Jain(International Institute of Information Technology)
Srini Ramaswamy(ABB India Corporate Research Center)
Anand Rath(ABB India Corporate Research Center)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Information Assurance and Intelligence Multimedia Mobile Communications WeBR05
Session Chairs: Si Yong Yeo, Xiaolong Zhang
#3006,  Exploration of Efficacy of Gland Morphology and Architectural Features in Prostate Cancer Gleason GradingWeBR05.1
Clara Mosquera Lopez(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Sos Agaian(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Isaac Sanchez(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Ali Almuntashri(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Osman Zinalabdin(King Saud University)
Amar Al Rikabi(King Saud University)
Ian Thompson(University of Texas at San Antonio)
#3018,  Implicit Active Contours for N-Dimensional Biomedical Image SegmentationWeBR05.2
Si Yong Yeo(Institute of High Performance Computing)
#3050,  Imbalanced Data Classification Algorithm Based on Boosting and Cascade ModelWeBR05.3
Xiaolong Zhang(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
Chao Cheng(Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
#3140,  Audio Watermarking in Partially Compressed-Encrypted DomainWeBR05.4
Subramanyam Venkata(Nanyang Technological University)
Sabu Emmanuel(Nanyang Technological University)
#3261,  Life Logging Practice for Human Behavior ModelingWeBR05.5
Pil Ho Kim(University of Trento)
Fausto Giunchiglia(University of Trento)
#3063,  Computer Aided Diagnosis of Lesions Extracted From Large Skin SurfacesWeBR05.6
Isaac Sanchez(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Sos Agaian(University of Texas at San Antonio)
13:00 ~ 15:00 SSC11:Computational Collective Intelligence WeBR07
Session Chair: Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
#3021,  Operations of Grid General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets based on GPU computingWeBR07.1
Long Thanh Ngo(Le Quy Don Technical University)
#3061,  Automatic Lumen Segmentation in CT and PC-MR Images of Abdominal Aortic AneurysmWeBR07.2
Ali Almuntashri(University of Texas at San Antonio)
Ender Finol(The University of Texas at San Antonio)
Sos Agaian(University of Texas at San Antonio)
#3120,  A Framework for Data Warehouse Federations BuildingWeBR07.3
Bernadetta Mianowska(Wroclaw University of Technology)
Marcin Maleszka(Wroclaw University of Technology)
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen(Wroclaw University of Technology)
#3124,  Active Set Model for Agent Consensus and IntegrationWeBR07.4
Germano Resconi(Catholic University)
#3219,  Combining a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach with Meta-Learning for SVM Parameter SelectionWeBR07.5
Pericles B. C. de Miranda(Federal University of Pernambuco)
Ricardo B. C. Prudencio(Federal University of Pernambuco)
Andre Carlos P. L. F. de Carvalho(University of Sao Paulo)
Carlos Soares(University of Porto)
#3251,  Experimenting with Ontology Distances in Semantic Social Networks: Methodological RemarksWeBR07.6
Jerome David(INRIA)
Jerome Euzenat(INRIA)
Jason J. Jung(Yeungnam University)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Medical and Health Care Technology I WeBR08
Session Chairs: Noboru Takagi, Kouki Nagamune
#2090,  Development of a Method for Extracting Graph Elements from Mathematical GraphsWeBR08.1
Jianjun Chen(Toyama Prefectural University)
Ryoji Nagaya(Toyama Prefectural University)
Noboru Takagi(Toyama Prefectural University)
#2114,  Barrier-free Walk: A Social Sharing Platform of Barrier-free Information for Sensory/Physically-impaired and Aged PeopleWeBR08.2
Takahiro Miura(University of Tokyo)
Ken-ichiro Yabu(University of Tokyo)
Sakutaro Ikematsu(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Asuka Kano(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Mari Ueda(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Junya Suzuki(University of Toyama)
Masatsugu Sakajiri(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Tohru Ifukube(University of Tokyo)
#2115,  Usages and Needs of Current Touchscreen Interfaces in Japanese Visually Impaired People: A Questionnaire SurveyWeBR08.3
Takahiro Miura(University of Tokyo)
Haruo Matsuzaka(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Masatsugu Sakajiri(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Tsukasa Ono(Tsukuba University of Technology)
#2127,  Post-Saccadic Event Related Potential toward New Information RetrievalWeBR08.4
Hideaki Touyama(Toyama Prefectural Universiy)
#2193,  Effect of Voice Pitch Control Training Using a Two-Dimensional Tactile Feedback Display SystemWeBR08.5
Masatsugu Sakajiri(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Shigeki Miyoshi(Tsukuba University of Technology)
Kenryu Nakamura(The University of Tokyo)
Satoshi Fukushima(The University of Tokyo)
Tohru Ifukube(University of Tokyo)
#2215,  Development of the Eye Input Device Using Eye Movement Obtained by Measuring the Center Position of the PupilWeBR08.6
Yuki Oyabu(Toyama Prefectural University)
Hironobu Takano(Toyama Prefectural University)
Kiyomi Nakamura(Toyama Prefectural University)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Computational Awareness WeBR09
Session Chairs: Neil Yen, Goutam Chakraborty
#2024,  Development of a User Interface Aware of Users' Skills and Computer EnvironmentsWeBR09.1
Kaoru Sugita(Fukuoka Institute of Technology)
Masao Yokota(Fukuoka institute of technology)
#2282,  Decision Boundary Learning Based on an Improved PSO AlgorithmWeBR09.2
Kyohei Watarai(The University of Aizu)
Yuya Kaneda(The University of Aizu)
Qiangfu Zhao(The University of Aizu)
#2283,  Variation Aware Control for ReliabilityWeBR09.3
Yong Liu(The University of Aizu)
Qiangfu Zhao(The University of Aizu)
Neil Yen(The University of Aizu)
#2284,  Assessing Emotions in a Cross-Cultural ContextWeBR09.4
Maria Alejandra Quiros-Ramirez(University of Tsukuba)
Takehisa Onisawa(University of Tsukuba)
#2285,  To Develop the Ubiquitous Adventure RPG (Role Play Game) Game-Based Learning SystemWeBR09.5
Jui-Hung Chen(Chung Hua University)
Timothy K. Shih(National Central University)
Jui-Yi Chen(Tamkang University)
#2287,  Feeling Awareness in Interactive Differential Evolution Based Facial Image GenerationWeBR09.6
Qiangfu Zhao(The University of Aizu)
Cheng-Hsiung Hsieh(Chaoyang University of Technology)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Human Machine Interface and Haptics WeBR10
Session Chairs: Saeid Nahavandi, Zhizhong Li
#2060,  A Software Development Process Model for Gesture-Based InterfaceWeBR10.1
Marcelo Guimaraes(Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo)
Jose Brega(Universidade Estadual Paulista)
Valeria Martins(Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie)
#2123,  Augmented Optometry Training Simulator with Multi-point HapticsWeBR10.2
Lei Wei(Deakin University)
Zoran Najdovski(Deakin University)
Wael Abdelrahman(Deakin University)
Saeid Nahavandi(Deakin University)
Harrison Weisinger(School of Medicine, Deakin University)
#2146,  Exploration of Virtual Surface Features with a High Performance Tactile and Force Feedback InterfaceWeBR10.3
Nadia Garcia-Hernandez(Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
Ioannis Sarakoglou(Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
Nikos Tsagarakis(Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
Darwin Caldwell(Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
#2177,  Effects of Visual Information on Teaching of Passive Drawing using a Haptic InterfaceWeBR10.4
Nozomi Toyoda(Yokohama National University)
Kazuki Matsunaga(Yokohama National University)
Tetsuro Yabuta(Yokohama National University)
#2222,  Neglect Benevolence in Human Control of Swarms in the Presence of LatencyWeBR10.5
Phillip Walker(University of Pittsburgh)
Andreas Kolling(Carnegie Mellon University)
Nilanjan Chakraborty(Carnegie Mellon University)
Steven Nunnally(University of Pittsburgh)
Katia Sycara(Carnegie Mellon University)
Michael Lewis(University of Pittsbugh)
13:00 ~ 15:00 Transportation WeBR11
Session Chairs: Preeti Bajaj, Koji Murai
#2002,  Human-Centered Steer-by-Wire Design: Steering Wheel Dynamics Should be Task DependentWeBR11.1
Mark Mulder(Delft University of Technology)
David A. Abbink(Delft University of Technology)
Erwin R. Boer(Entropy Control Inc.)
Marinus M. van Paassen(Delft University of Technology)
#2045,  Use of a Simulator to Assess the Application of Economic Driving Techniques by Truck DriversWeBR11.2
Tales Bogoni(Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul)
Marcio Pinho(Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul)
#2071,  Recognizing Temporary Changes on Highways for Reliable Autonomous DrivingWeBR11.3
Young-Woo Seo(Carnegie Mellon University)
David Wettergreen(Carnegie Mellon University)
Wende Zhang(General Motors)
#2085,  Novel View Synthesis for Traffic Accident Scene from Sparse Uncalibrated Sample ViewsWeBR11.4
Bodong Liang(Shenzhen Polytechnic)
#2198,  Emergent Features of Self Separation in FlightWeBR11.5
Marinus M. van Paassen(Delft University of Technology)
Jochem Gordijn(Delft University of Technology)
Joost Ellerbroek(Delft University of Technology)
Clark Borst(Delft University of Technology)
Max Mulder(Delft University of Technology)
#2202,  Consideration Conceming Skill Judgment of Inverted Pendulum Stabilization with Dynamic SimulatorWeBR11.6
Wataru Kai(Tokyo Denki Unversity)
Masaki Izutsu(Tokyo Denki Unversity)
Shoshiro Hatakeyama(Tokyo Denki Unversity)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Decision and Control Systems III WeCR01
Session Chairs: Yeboon Yun, Sidney Givigi
#1002,  A Case Study on Using Personalized Data Mining for University CurriculaWeCR01.1
Rainer Knauf(Ilmenau University of Technology)
Yoshitaka Sakurai(Tokio Denki University)
Kohei Takada(Tokio Denki University)
Setsuo Tsuruta(Tokio Denki University)
#1030,  Generalized Predictive Control for Space Teleoperation Systems with Long Time-varying DelaysWeCR01.2
Yanhua Yang(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Fangping Yang(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#1240,  Feedback Control Design for Cluster Tools with Wafer Residency Time ConstraintsWeCR01.3
Chulhan Kim(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Tae-Eog Lee(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
#1246,  Variable-resolution State Roadmap Generation Considering Safety Constraints for Car-like RobotWeCR01.4
Jingyu Xiang(Nagoya University)
Yuichi Tazaki(Nagoya University)
Tatsuya Suzuki(Nagoya University)
Blaine Levedahl(Nagoya University)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Conflict Resolution III WeCR02
Session Chairs: Yuming Zhu, Jong-il Na
#1054,  A Lexicographic Quota Model for Allocating Initial Discharge Permits for Industrial Source Points in a Lake Basin: A Case Study for Lake Tai in Jiangsu, ChinaWeCR02.1
Gang Liu(Hohai University)
#1200,  Fuzzy Truth Values in Option Prioritization for Preference Elicitation in the Graph ModelWeCR02.2
M. Abul Bashar(University of Waterloo)
Marc Kilgour(Wilfrid Laurier University)
Keith W. Hipel(University of Waterloo)
#1241,  Role of Sharing Concerns to Scope Flood Risk Reduction Issues Case study of a Series of Workshops conducted in Muraida Community, Shiga Prefecture, JapanWeCR02.3
Junho Choi(Kyoto University)
Hirokazu Tatano(DPRI, Kyoto University)
#1252,  Utilization of the Yonmenkaigi System Method for Community Building of a Disaster Damaged Village in KoreaWeCR02.4
Jong-il Na(Tottori University)
Norio Okada(Kumamoto University)
Liping Fang(Ryerson University)
#1259,  Flood Risk Awareness and Preparedness : The Role of Trust in Information SourcesWeCR02.5
Subhajyoti Samaddar(Kyoto University)
Bijay Anand Misra(Kyoto University)
Hirokazu Tatano(Kyoto University)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Intelligent Learning in Control Systems III WeCR03
Session Chairs: William Singhose, Ching-Chih Tsai
#1052,  Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving the Inverse Kinematics of 7-DOF Robotic ManipulatorsWeCR03.1
Hsu-Chih Huang(National Ilan University)
Chien-Po Chen(National Ilan University)
Pei-Ru Wang(National Ilan University)
#1057,  Self-Tuning PID Control Using Recurrent Wavelet Neural NetworksWeCR03.2
Ching-Chih Tsai(National Chung-Hsing University)
Ya-Ling Chang(National Chin-Yi University of Technology)
#1065,  Real-Time Tactical Motion Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Multi-Robot Cooperative ReconnaissanceWeCR03.3
Adrian Boeing(The University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University)
Sushil Pangeni(The University of Western Australia)
Thomas Braunl(The University of Western Australia)
Chang Su Lee(Edith Cowan University)
#1132,  Facial Expression Recognition Based on Mixture of Basic Expressions and IntensitiesWeCR03.4
Kai-Tai Song(National Chiao Tung University)
Shuo-Cheng Chien(National Chiao Tung University)
#1143,  Collision-Free Guidance for Passive Robot Walking HelperWeCR03.5
Yi-Che Huang(National Chiao Tung University)
Cheng-Je Wu(National Chiao Tung University)
Chun-Hsu Ko(I-Shou University)
Kuu-Young Young(National Chiao Tung University)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Systems Modeling WeCR04
Session Chairs: Soo-Young Lee, Hitoshi Iima
#1018,  Calau: An Environment for Modeling and Analyzing Embedded Real-Time SystemsWeCR04.1
Ermeson Andrade(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Marcelo Alves(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Bruno Nogueira(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
Paulo Maciel(Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)
#1047,  Framework of Wargame CGF System based on Multi-AgentWeCR04.2
Xin Tan(National University of Defense Technology)
Shiming Lai(National University of Defense Technology)
Wei Wang(National University of Defense Technology)
Maojun Zhang(National University of Defense Technology)
#1113,  Lyapunov Learning Algorithm for Quasi-ARX Neural Network to Identification of Nonlinear Dynamical SystemWeCR04.3
Mohammad Abu Jami`in(Waseda University)
Imam Sutrisno(Waseda University)
Jinglu Hu(Waseda University)
#1154,  An Evolutionary Algorithm with Path-Relinking for the Parallel Machine with Job SplittingWeCR04.4
Paulo Lucio de Oliveira Junior(Universidade Federal de Vicosa)
Jose Elias Claudio Arroyo(Universidade Federal de Vicosa)
Andre Gustavo dos Santos(Universidade Federal de Vicosa)
Luciana Brugiolo Goncalves(Universidade Federal de Vicosa)
Alcione de Paiva Oliveira(Universidade Federal de Vicosa)
#1189,  From Composites to Service Systems: The Role of Emergence in Service DesignWeCR04.5
Anshuman Saxena(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Alain Wegmann(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Ambient-adaptive Intelligent lighting systems WeCR05
Session Chairs: Pandharipande, Ashish, Keiichiro Yasuda
#1129,  Distributed Lighting Control of Locally Intelligent Luminaire SystemsWeCR05.1
Haixu Wang(Eindhoven University of Technology)
Ashish Pandharipande(Philips Research)
David Caicedo(Philips Research)
Paul van den Bosch(Eindhoven University of Technology)
#1150,  Intelligent Lighting System with an Additional Energy-Saving MechanismWeCR05.2
Mitsunori Miki(Doshisha University)
Masashi Nagano(Doshisha University)
Masato Yoshimi(Doshisha University)
Hiroyuki Yonemoto(Doshisha University)
Kenta Yoshida(Doshisha University)
#1151,  Faster Illuminance Convergence for the Intelligent Lighting System Using Visible Light CommunicationWeCR05.3
Mitsunori Miki(Doshisha University)
Kenta Yoshida(Doshisha University)
Masato Yoshimi(Doshisha University)
Hirotaka Ito(Doshisha University)
Masashi Nagano(Doshisha University)
#1155,  A Basic Study on Autonomous Decentralized Operation for Distributed Energy SystemsWeCR05.4
Keiichiro Yasuda(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Shunsuke Oya(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Kenichi Tamura(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
#1171,  User Localization using Ultrasonic Presence Sensing SystemsWeCR05.5
Ashish Pandharipande(Philips Research)
David Caicedo(Philips Research)
15:30 ~ 17:30 SSC10:Knowledge Acquisition and Mining WeCR06
Session Chair: Yo-Ping Huang
#3009,  Knowledge Based Innovation Detection and Control Framework to Foster Scientific Research Projects in Material ScienceWeCR06.1
Mareike Dornhofer(University of Siegen)
Alexander Holland(University of Siegen)
Madjid Fathi(University of Siegen)
#3023,  Transfer Clustering via Constraints Generated from TopicsWeCR06.2
Litao Yu(Dalian University of Technology)
Yanzhong Dang(Dalian University of Technology)
Guangfei Yang(Dalian University of Technology)
#3122,  Association Rules Based Algorithm for Identifying Outlier Transactions in Data StreamWeCR06.3
Li-Jen Kao(Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology)
Yo-Ping Huang(National Taipei University of Technology)
#3192,  Integrating intelligent agent and ontology for services discovery on cloud environmentWeCR06.4
Yue-Shan Chang(National Taipei University)
Tong-Ying Juang(National Taipei University)
Che-Hsiang Chang(National Taipei University)
Jing-Shyang Yen(Criminal Investigation Bureau)
#3222,  A Study on the Consistency of Human Perception and Machine Recognition of an Emotional CorpusWeCR06.5
Tsang-Long Pao(Tatung University)
Ren-Fu Luo(Tatung University)
Yu-Ji Li(Tatung University)
#3305,  Development of Hand-cleaning Service-oriented Autonomous NavigationWeCR06.6
Chia-Long Chan(Fu Jen Catholic University)
Hsin-Han Chiang(Fu Jen Catholic University)
Yen-Lin Chen(National Taipei University of Technology)
Geng-Yen Chen(National Taipei University of Technology)
Tsu-Tian Lee(Chung Yuan Christian University)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Image and Video Processing and Communication Systems WeCR07
Session Chair: Byoung-Tak Zhang
#3199,  Improving the Quality of Tags Using State Transition on Progressive Image Search and Recommendation SystemWeCR07.1
Wen-Hau Du(Yuan Ze University)
Jer-Wei Rau(Yuan Ze University)
Jen-Wei Huang(National Cheng Kung University)
Yung-Sheng Chen(Yuan Ze University)
#3217,  A New Image Watermarking Algorithm Using CT and NormalizationWeCR07.2
Dandan Zhu(Northeastern University)
Qiang Tong(Northeastern University)
#3266,  Text-to-Image Retrieval Based on Incremental Association via Multimodal HypernetworksWeCR07.3
Jung-Woo Ha(Seoul National University)
Beom-Jin Lee(Seoul National University)
Byoung-Tak Zhang(Seoul National University)
#3290,  A Series of Stochastic Models for Human Behavior AnalysisWeCR07.4
Thi Thi Zin(Osaka City University)
Pyke Tin(Osaka City University)
Takashi Toriu(Osaka City University)
Hiromitsu Hama(Osaka City University)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Medical and Health Care Technology V WeCR08
Session Chairs: Kazuo Kiguchi, Yoshihiko Nakamura
#2038,  Developing a New Foot Muscle Model of Gait using a Bayesian NetworkWeCR08.1
Jun Inoue(Waseda University)
Kazuya Kawamura(Waseda University)
Masakatsu Fujie(Waseda University)
#2126,  A Study of Detection of Trip and Fall Using Doppler Sensor on Embedded ComputerWeCR08.2
Masaru Uegami(Toyama Prefectural University)
Takeshi Iwamoto(Toyama Prefectural University)
Michito Matsumoto(Toyama Prefectural University)
#2129,  A Development of Surgery Instrument Pose Support System for Mosaicplasty by Using Force DistributionWeCR08.3
Satoshi Nishino(University of Fukui)
Takayasu Toyoshima(University of Fukui)
Kouki Nagamune(University of Fukui)
Yuichi Hoshino(Kobe University)
Tomoyuki Matsumoto(Kobe University)
Seiji Kubo(Kobe University)
Takehiko Matsushita(Kobe University)
Ryosuke Kuroda(Kobe University)
Masahiro Kurosaka(Kobe University)
#2230,  Theory and Characterization of a Top-Thread Coverstitched Stretch SensorWeCR08.4
Guido Gioberto(University of Minnesota)
Lucy Dunne(University of Minnesota)
#2274,  Toward an augmented shoe for preventing falls related to physical conditions of the soilWeCR08.5
Martin J.-D. Otis(UQAC)
Bob-Antoine J. Menelas(UQAC)
#2275,  Gait and ADL Rehabilitation using a Whole Body Motion Support Type Mobile Suit Evaluated by Cerebral ActivityWeCR08.6
Eiichirou Tanaka(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Shozo Saegusa(Hiroshima University)
Yasuo Iwasaki(Toho University)
Louis Yuge(Hiroshima University)
#2083,  Motion Planning for Flexible Needle in Multilayer Tissue Environment with ObstaclesWeCR08.7
Benyan Huo(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xingang Zhao(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Jianda Han(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Weiliang Xu(University of Auckland)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Implicit and Human Centered Tagging of Multimedia WeCR09
Session Chairs: Mohammad Soleymani, Zhizhong Li
#2144,  An Ampirical Study to Address the Problem of Unbalanced Data Sets in Sentiment ClassificationWeCR09.1
Asmaa Mountassir(ENSIAS)
Houda Benbrahim(ENSIAS)
Ilham Berrada(ENSIAS)
#2167,  Human-Centered Implicit Tagging: Overview and PerspectivesWeCR09.2
Mohammad Soleymani(Imperial College London)
Maja Pantic(Imperial College London, University of Twente)
#2186,  Electrodermal Activity Applied to Violent Scenes Impact Measurement and User ProfilingWeCR09.3
Julien Fleureau(Technicolor)
Cedric Penet(Technicolor)
Philippe Guillotel(Technicolor)
Claire-Helene Demarty(Technicolor)
#2190,  Mapping Discrete Emotions into The Dimensional Space: An Empirical ApproachWeCR09.4
Holger Hoffmann(University of Ulm)
Andreas Scheck(University of Ulm)
Timo Schuster(University of Ulm)
Steffen Walter(University of Ulm)
Kerstin Limbrecht(University of Ulm)
Harald Traue(University of Ulm)
Henrik Kessler(University of Ulm)
#2194,  Exploiting Implicit Affective Labeling for Image RecommendationsWeCR09.5
Marko Tkalcic(University of Ljubljana)
Ante Odic(University of Ljubljana)
Andrej Kosir(University of Ljubljana)
Jurij Tasic(University of Ljubljana)
15:30 ~ 17:30 Shared Control WeCR10
Session Chairs: Mark Mulder, Mark Mulder
#2095,  Haptic Steering Direction Guidance for Pedestrian-Vehicle Collision AvoidanceWeCR10.1
Makoto Itoh(University of Tsukuba)
Hiroto Tanaka(University of Tsukuba)
Toshiyuki Inagaki(University of Tsukuba)
#2139,  Visual Surveillance for Human-Robot InteractionWeCR10.2
Ester Martinez-Martin(Jaume-I University)
Angel P. del Pobil(Jaume-I University)
#2183,  Online Modulation of the Level of Assistance in Shared Control SystemsWeCR10.3
Tom Carlson(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Robert Leeb(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Ricardo Chavarriaga(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Jose del R. Millan(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
#2188,  Real-time Prediction of Fast and Slow Delivery of Mental Commands in a Motor Imagery BCI: An Entropy-based ApproachWeCR10.4
Sareh Saeedi(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Ricardo Chavarriaga(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Michael C. Gastpar(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Jose del R. Millan(Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
#2252,  The Importance of Including Knowledge of Neuromuscular Behaviour in Haptic Shared ControlWeCR10.5
David A. Abbink(Delft University of Technology)
Diane Cleij(Delft University of Technology)
Mark Mulder(Delft University of Technology)
Marinus M. van Paassen(Delft University of Technology)
15:30 ~ 17:30 3D Visuallization and Processing WeCR11
Session Chairs: Holly Rushmeier, Zhihui Xiong
#2012,  Cross-Selection Kernel Regression for Super-resolution Fusion of Complementary Panoramic ImagesWeCR11.1
Lidong Chen(National University of Defense Technology)
Anup Basu(University of Alberta)
Maojun Zhang(National University of Defense Technology)
Wei Wang(National University of Defense Technology)
#2018,  3-D Reconstruction Using the Kinect Sensor and Its Application to a Visualization SystemWeCR11.2
Yong-Wan Lim(Sogang University)
Hyuk-Zae Lee(Sogang University)
Na-Eun Yang(Sogang University)
Rae-Hong Park(Sogang University)
#2030,  A General Optimal Pixel Aspect Ratio Model for Stereo-based 3D Reconstruction and VisualizationWeCR11.3
Hossein Azari(University of Alberta)
Irene Cheng(University of Alberta)
Anup Basu(University of Alberta)
#2091,  Coded Aperture Techniques for Catadioptric Omni-directional Image Defocus DeblurringWeCR11.4
Yang Peng(National University of Defense Technology)
Yu Liu(National University of Defense Technology)
Yongle Li(National University of Defense Technology)
Maojun Zhang(National University of Defense Technology)
#2135,  HW/SW Co-design of an Embedded Omni-imaging SystemWeCR11.5
Zhihui Xiong(National University of Defense Technology)
Irene Cheng(University of Alberta)
Maojun Zhang(National University of Defense Technology)
Anup Basu(University of Alberta)
#2259,  A Body Dimensions Estimation Method of Subject from a few Measurement Items using KINECTWeCR11.6
Ippei Samejima(Tokyo University of Science, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Keitarou Maki(Tokyo University of Science, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Satoshi Kagami(Tokyo University of Science)
Makiko Kouchi(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Hiroshi Mizoguchi(Tokyo University of Science)
Total papers: 174 Total sessions: 32